Friday, July 15, 2011

How to change debugging browser used in VS 2010 , MVC 3

Recently I have work with Asp MVC 3 and had a problem with changing my default Brower from Firefox to IE.

In Asp.NET it is possible with “browse with” option. See more details on ScottGu’s blog.
But in MVC project we don’t have any aspx files, so how to configure our solution to do it so?
There is a way to do this.

1. Right click on solution and go to the “Properties”
2. Go to “Web” Tab
3. Set the Start Action to use Start external program and then pass the Internet Explorer executable path and the url as Command line arguments.
4. Set the Servers’ specific port to the same port set in the url in step 3.
See the following image to get more info.

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