Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to Order a SQL Server Database Hosting Plan

If you wish to add a SQL Server database option to your hosting account, simply add the option when you order your hosting account. If you only need a SQL Server database without a website, please contact our Sales Department and they will be happy to assist you.

Alentus SQL Backup Service

Alentus SQL Backup Service is our optional additional backup service that lets you determine how often you want accessible backup files created of your valuable information. See how you can go beyond emergency backups and be in control of your data protection.

SQL Server Hosting Technical Information

For information on using SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Query Analyzer, DTS, ODBC/OLEDB database connections, SQL Server Management Studio and more, please see the following sections of our Technical Support Center:

SQL Server 2005 Information and Resources

SQL Server 2005 drives better decision-making with enterprise-grade reporting and data analysis. A highly reliable database platform for critical applications, SQL Server 2005 delivers high levels of availability, performance, and security. For more information and links to SQL Server 2005 resources, please visit:


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